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Censorship: Censorship is the suppression or restriction of information, ideas, or artistic expression by an authority or group, often for moral, or political reasons, limiting access or dissemination.
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Paul Ricoeur on Censorship - Dictionary of Arguments

Ricoeur I 105
Censorship/Dream/Interpretation of dreams/Freud/Ricoeur: [in dream work] disguise (...) is the effect, censorship the cause. (...) on the one hand censorship reveals itself on the level of the text, to which
it imposes blanks, the substitution of words, weakened expressions, allusions, tricks of the trade, so that offensive or subversive messages are shifted and transformed into
On the other hand, censorship is the expression of a power, or more precisely a political power, which is directed against the opposition by restricting its right of expression; in the idea of censorship, the two linguistic systems are so closely intertwined that it must be said, on the one hand, that censorship only distorts a text if it suppresses a force, and on the other hand, that it suppresses an unwelcome force only by disturbing its expression. >Dream/Freud
, >Regression/Ricoeur.

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Ricoeur I
Paul Ricoeur
De L’interprétation. Essai sur Sigmund Freud
German Edition:
Die Interpretation. Ein Versuch über Freud Frankfurt/M. 1999

Ricoeur II
Paul Ricoeur
Interpretation theory: discourse and the surplus of meaning Fort Worth 1976

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