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Quantum mechanics: is a partial discipline of physics, dealing with processes at the level of elementary particles. Here, principles which cannot be observed at the level of everyday objects are valid. The special forces and interactions that prevail within the quantum world are not to be found on the macro level. See also superposition, entanglement, uncertainty principle.

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Nancy Cartwright on Quantum Mechanics - Dictionary of Arguments

I 135
Schrodinger Equation/Quantum Mechanics/QM/Cartwright: says how systems that are subject to different forces, evolve in time - the forces are not mentioned in the equation, only energies. Hamilton/Classical Mechanics: no mention of force, only energy.
I 135
QM/ Cartwright: states: are represented by vectors - observable quantities: by operators - average value of a given quantity in a given state: product of the operator and the vector (among others).
I 174
Schrödinger Equation/VsSchrödiger Equation: Problem: according to it the electron in the accelerator has neither a particular direction nor a particular energy. - Schrodinger equation is refuted daily by reducing the wave packet - not by measurement, but by preparation.
I 175
Problem: Y itself cannot be a probability - namely, because probabilities must be positive and real, but Y is a complex function.
I 182
Quantum Mechanics: E.f. knowing the position of a particle says nothing about its future behavior - the detector responds only to a change in energy.
I 193
Quantum Mechanics/old QM/(s): Thesis: assumes a real change of conditions in time which are also detectable, namely, whenever you want. - New Quantum Mechanics/Cartwright: (CartwrightVs): Thesis: the story told by the new Quantum Mechanics is read from the formalisms developed by mathematical theory. According to this story nothing happens at all.

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N. Cartwright
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R. Cartwright
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Theories of Truth, Paul Horwich, Aldershot 1994

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R. Cartwright
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