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Norvig I 469
Representation/AI research/Norvig/Russell: On the Web, representation languages are emerging. RDF (Brickley and Guha, 2004)(1) allows for assertions to be made in the form of relational triples, and provides some means for evolving the meaning of names over time. OWL (Smith et al., 2004)(2) is a description logic that supports inferences over these triples.
So far, usage seems to be inversely proportional to representational complexity: the traditional HTML and CSS formats account for over 99% of Web content, followed by the simplest representation schemes, such as microformats (Khare, 2006)(3) and RDFa (Adida and Birbeck, 2008)(4), which use HTML and XHTML markup to add attributes to literal text. Usage of sophisticated RDF and OWL ontologies is not yet widespread, and the full vision of the Semantic Web (Berners-Lee et al., 2001)(5) has not yet been realized. The conferences on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS) contain many interesting papers on both general and domain-specific ontologies. >Ontology/AI research, >Knowledge representation/AI research.

1. Brickley, D. and Guha, R. V. (2004). RDF vocabulary description language 1.0: RDF schema. Tech. rep., W3C.
2. Smith, M. K., Welty, C., and McGuinness, D. (2004). OWL web ontology language guide. Tech.
rep., W3C.
3. Khare, R. (2006). Microformats: The next (small) thing on the semantic web. IEEE Internet omputing, 10(1), 68-75.
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AI Research
Norvig I
Peter Norvig
Stuart J. Russell
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Upper Saddle River, NJ 2010

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