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Metaphysics: is a theory that has the claim to ask questions and provide answers beyond our available knowledge. It is objected that even for asking questions, a knowledge of the meanings of the words used is required. This knowledge is not given when experiences or at least theories using these terms are not available. See also essentialism, metaphysical possibility.
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Immanuel Kant on Metaphysics - Dictionary of Arguments

I 86
Metaphysics/Kant: not by pure and formal intuition, but by the pure mind. - Only practical reason exceeds the intuition.
Bubner I 140
Metaphysics/Kant/Bubner: Kant is considered as its destroyer. His successors had initially refused to interpret him in this way. After all, Kant himself had not understood his transcendental criticism as the last word of philosophy, but as its foundation. He speaks of a "future metaphysics that can occur as science."
However, it is so far the fate that it is constantly failing to take the course of a science.
New: awareness of the historicity of metaphysics.
Kant sometimes refers to his main work as "metaphysics of metaphysics."
Before true world wisdom is to revive, it is necessary that the old destroys itself, and as decay is the most perfect solution which precedes every new generation, so the crisis of scholarship makes me the best hope.
Bubner I 142
Metaphysics deals with objects which are known in a confused manner to reason, but whose true concept is first sought.
, >Concepts/Kant, >Recognition/Kant.

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