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Learning: learning is acquiring the ability to establish relationships between signs, symptoms or symbols and objects. This also includes e.g. recognition and recollection of patterns, similarities, sensory perceptions, self-perception, etc. In the ideal case, the ability to apply generalizations to future cases is acquired while learning. See also knowledge, knowledge-how, competence.

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Daniel Dennett on Learning - Dictionary of Arguments

I 690ff
Learning/DennettVsPinker: There is no "multipurpose operation" (Humans have different symbols than animals.) But humans have so many individual devices for specific tasks that learning can often be regarded as media and content-neutral gift of non-stupidity.
II 102ff
Dev Skinnerian creatures: "Where the inherited behavior ceases, the inherited variability of the conditioning processsets on". In the second experiment, the amplified version is selected.
Def Popperian creatures/Dennett: their inner environment is an image of the outside world. (learned experience of others).
Even a pilot training, where you just read a book would be Popperian. But that would be better than just trying your luck in the sky.
Human/Dennett: Man is both a Skinnerain, a Darwinian, but also a Popperian creature. But with this he differs not at all from most animals.
Def Gregorian creature/Dennett: benefits from the experience of others by using the insights that embody invented other intellectual tools. These improve both the producer and the examiner.

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