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Developmental Psychology on Language Production - Dictionary of Arguments

Upton I 63
Language production/Developmental psychology/Upton: Language production develops after comprehension. Early talkers may produce their first word at around nine or ten months, but many children do not produce their first word until well into their second year. As with comprehension, first words are limited in number and overextension and underextension are both commonly seen in the use of first words (Woodward and Markman, 1998)(1). >Language development/Developmental psychology.
Overextension: overextension young children’s extension of a word to cover events/objects beyond that which the word is normally used for, such as calling all animals ‘doggie’.
Underextension: underextension the limiting of a word meaning to too few instances by a young child, for example when a child restricts the word ‘dog’ to situations in which the child is playing
with a toy, but then fails to refer to the animal at the park as a ‘dog’.
Word production increases gradually until around the end of the second year, when there is a vocabulary spurt (Bloom et al., 1985)(2). At around the same time, a qualitative change in language use can be seen as infants begin to use two-word phrases.

1.Woodward, AL and Markman, EM (1998) Early word learning, in Kuhn, D and Siegler. RS
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2. Bloom L, Lifter, K and Broughton, J (1985) The convergence of early cognition and language
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Developmental Psychology
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