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Nancy Cartwright on Laws, fundamental - Dictionary of Arguments

I 3
Explanation / description / Physics / Cartwright: in modern physics the phenomenological laws are considered descriptive, the fundamental laws are considered explanatory - problem: the explanatory power is lost in favor of the descriptive adequacy.
I 102
Nature / reality / laws / Natural Laws / Cartwright: without accepting God and a book of nature we have
no reason to assume that the phenomenological laws are derived from the fundamental laws.
I 112
Fundamental laws / Natural Laws / Cartwright: represent rather the relations between properties than between individuals - practice: for the engineer it is about objects instead of properties.

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Car I
N. Cartwright
How the laws of physics lie Oxford New York 1983

CartwrightR I
R. Cartwright
A Neglected Theory of Truth. Philosophical Essays, Cambridge/MA pp. 71-93
Theories of Truth, Paul Horwich, Aldershot 1994

CartwrightR II
R. Cartwright
Ontology and the theory of meaning Chicago 1954

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