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Wilfrid Sellars on Object - Dictionary of Arguments

II 315/16
Object/Sellars: an object is named and not predicated.
>Predication, >Naming, >Objects.
Fact/Sellars: a fact is predicated and not named. (Although the name of a statement can be made).
>Facts, >Name of a sentence, >Description levels.
II 319f
Def "natural language object"/Sellars: linguistic objects with abstracted background.
We abstract from our knowledge in order to think of the objects as natural objects.
II 324
Natural language objects: Solution: natural linguistic objects as linguistic counterparts are non-linguistic objects (not facts!).
>Searle’s background)
One can speak of them as "proper names". This adopts Wittgenstein's idea that basic statements must be construed as proper names, occurring in a certain way.
>Names/Wittgenstein, >Wittgenstein,

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Sellars I
Wilfrid Sellars
The Myth of the Given: Three Lectures on the Philosophy of Mind, University of London 1956 in: H. Feigl/M. Scriven (eds.) Minnesota Studies in the Philosophy of Science 1956
German Edition:
Der Empirismus und die Philosophie des Geistes Paderborn 1999

Sellars II
Wilfred Sellars
Science, Perception, and Reality, London 1963
Wahrheitstheorien, Gunnar Skirbekk, Frankfurt/M. 1977

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