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Roderick Chisholm on Object - Dictionary of Arguments

I 27
Eternal objects/e.o./Chisholm: are present if x has necessarily the property H and H cannot possess anything else, and there is a fact which implies H and necessarily consists.
I 60
Object/Chisholm: e.g. the thing that is believed to be wise.
Content/Chisholm: the property to be wise. >Content.
Chisholm: but we do not need to accept a third thing that involves the thing as well as the property because attribution is not an acceptance of propositions. >Attribution.
Self-attribution/Chisholm: needs no identification. >Identification
I 62
Otherwise false mixing of direct and indirect attribution.
I 63
Eternal objects/Chisholm: relations, properties, facts.
Properties: one has an opinion about a property, if one assigns to the property a further property - i.e. as a thing to which one is in a relation e.g., contrast, uniqueness, frequency.
Individuation: properties are individuated by properties.
>Individuation, >Relations, >Properties, >Facts.

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Chisholm I
R. Chisholm
The First Person. Theory of Reference and Intentionality, Minneapolis 1981
German Edition:
Die erste Person Frankfurt 1992

Chisholm II
Roderick Chisholm

Philosophische Aufsäze zu Ehren von Roderick M. Ch, Marian David/Leopold Stubenberg, Amsterdam 1986

Chisholm III
Roderick M. Chisholm
Theory of knowledge, Englewood Cliffs 1989
German Edition:
Erkenntnistheorie Graz 2004

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