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Falsification: experimental or logical refutation of a general or a specific statement. Depending on the nature of the statement, there are differences in terms of whether a single counterexample is sufficient for a falsification, or a certain ratio of positive and negative cases is crucial. See also verification, verificationism, confirmation, Bayesianism, probability, hypotheses, theories.

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Karl Popper on Falsification - Dictionary of Arguments

I 122
Falsification/Popper: can always be overridden ad hoc. >Ad hoc hypotheses, >Quine-Duhem Thesis.
I 123
Empirical scientific method: consists precisely in the exclusion of such procedures. - "Humean contradiction": only experience is allowed, but not conclusive - solution/Popper: not all sentences are fully decidable. - There must be particular empirical sentences as a major premise of falsifying conclusions. >Undecidability.
I 127
These cannot be protocol sentences, because these are only psychological. >Protocol sentences.
Stegmüller I 400ff
Falsification/Popper: falsification itself must be repeatable - we can reformulate universal statements into "There are-not"-sentences to falsify them, e.g. "there are no non-white swans". Induction/Popper.
Schurz I 15
Falsification/Asymmetry/Popper: The asymmetry is valid for strict (unexceptional all propositions): they cannot be verified by any finite set of observations but can be falsified by a single counterexample.
LakatosVsPopper: Theories are never rejected on the basis of a single counterexample, but adapted.

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Po I
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Schu I
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