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Experiment: artificial bringing about of an event or artificial creation of a state for testing a hypothesis. Experiments can lead to the reformulation of the initial hypotheses and the reformulation of theories. See also theories, measuring, science, hypotheses, Bayesianism, confirmation, events, paradigm change, reference systems.
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Martin Heidegger on Experiments - Dictionary of Arguments

Gribbin III 277
Physics/experiment/Heidegger: the physics is not experimental physics because it uses equipment. - But conversely, because the theory of nature is then to present itself as a predicted relationship of forces, the experiment is ordered - namely for questioning - how nature, once asked, pronounces itself.
, >Natural laws/Heidegger, >Physics, cf. >Experiments/Duhem, >Physics/Duhem.

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Martin Heidegger
Sein und Zeit Tübingen 1993

Gribbin I
John Gribbin
Schrödinger’s Kitten and the Search for Reality, London 1995
German Edition:
Schrödingers Kätzchen und die Suche nach der Wirklichkeit Frankfurt/M. 1998

Gribbin II
John Gribbin
In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat, London 1984
German Edition:
Auf der Suche nach Schrödingers Katze. Quantenphysik und WIrklichkeit München 1987

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