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Clark McCauley on Groupthink - Dictionary of Arguments

Haslam I 191
Group think/VsJanis/McCauley: possibilities for group think are: a) uncertainty reduction, is largely consistent with Janis’ (1972(1), 1982(2)) original formulation. In this case, groups may come to premature consensus on a decision due to a desire to avoid the collective ‘discomfort of uncertainty about an important issue’ (McCauley, 1998(3): 153). (…) group members seek refuge in a shared reality, often in the form of premature consensus.
b)‘a desire to avoid the discomfort of frank appraisal of ideas that have individuals attached to them’ (1998(3): 153). In this case, disagreement among peers is awkward and may be socially costly. McCauley (1998)(3) believed that evidence supporting the social discomfort account was stronger than that for uncertainty reduction.
Haslam I 192
McCauley thesis: the social discomfort mechanism allows for a prediction about the type of group or consensus that should give rise to groupthink. Specifically, groups founded on friendly relations and cohesion based on personal attractiveness should be most likely to create a situation in which individual members are motivated to remain on good terms with their peers. McCauley drew on laboratory evidence to support his hypothesis, most notably an old experiment by Back (1951)(4) in which high (vs. low) levels of cohesion were manipulated in a variety of ways.
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4. Back, K. (1951) ‘Influence through social communications’, Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 46: 9–23.

Dominic J. Packer and Nick D. Ungson, „Group Decision-Making. Revisiting Janis’ groupthink studies“, in: Joanne R. Smith and S. Alexander Haslam (eds.) 2017. Social Psychology. Revisiting the Classic studies. London: Sage Publications

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McCauley, Clark
Haslam I
S. Alexander Haslam
Joanne R. Smith
Social Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies London 2017

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