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de re, philosophy: statements that refer to non-linguistic objects are de re. Here, most authors assume that the ascribed properties are contingent. An exception is essentialism which ascribes certain necessary properties to objects. See also de dicto, necessity de re, contingency, modality, essentialism.
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Stephen Schiffer on de re - Dictionary of Arguments

I 60f
Belief de re/belief/proposition/complete content/Schiffer:

(2) "Tanya believes that Gustav is a dog."

attributes a belief de re with respect to canis familiaris.
Complete content: contains a way of givenness of species (regardless whether it contains the species itself).

E.g. "She is clever."

Complete content: not ‹Emily, cleverness›.
>Index words
, >Indexicality, >Anaphora.
Problem: she may not be clever in any possible world, or the speaker does not recognize her again. - If this is the complete content, then he would have to believe it simultaneously and do not believe it. Solution/Frege: different ways of givenness.
>Way of givenness.
VsProposition: "she"-refers both times to Emily. - Therefore it is not the complete content, but says only that the content contains any way of givenness.
Problem/Schiffer: we do not know what ways of givenness are and whether there are any.
Schiffer/early: (1977(1) and 1978(2)): I tried a description theory for thoughts de re.
>Thoughts, >Description theory.
Today SchifferVsSchiffer: that requires too complex refined a belief, that, for example, children cannot have.

1. Stephen Schiffer (1977). Naming and knowing. Midwest Studies in Philosophy 2 (1):28-41
2. Stephen Schiffer (1978). The basis of reference. Erkenntnis 13 (1):171--206

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Schi I
St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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