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de re, philosophy: statements that refer to non-linguistic objects are de re. Here, most authors assume that the ascribed properties are contingent. An exception is essentialism which ascribes certain necessary properties to objects. See also de dicto, necessity de re, contingency, modality, essentialism.
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John Perry on de re - Dictionary of Arguments

Frank I 412 f
de re/trivial theory: de re is usually explained by de dicto.
>de dicto
, >Explanations.
Frank I 414
Localization/localizing opinions/re/erry: it's not surprising that de re doesn't help with localization:
De re-propositions do not remain indexical.
>Localization, >Propositions, >Indexicality, >Index words.
Propositions that are partly individuated by objects remain just as insensitive to the essence of localizing opinions as those that are entirely individuated by concepts.
>Individuation, >Terms, >Objects.
The decisive change in my situation is concealed: I notice that the untidy customer was not only for the customer with the torn package, but for me.
((s) Two different descriptions without "I" are not sufficient).
>Sugar trail example, >Self-identification, >Self-knowledge.

John Perry (1979): The Problem of the Essential Indexicals, in : Nous 13 (1979), 3-21

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Perr I
J. R. Perry
Identity, Personal Identity, and the Self 2002

Fra I
M. Frank (Hrsg.)
Analytische Theorien des Selbstbewusstseins Frankfurt 1994

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