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Thinking: Thinking is a cognitive process that involves mental activities such as reasoning, problem solving, decision making, imagination and conceptualization. These operations enable individuals to process information, make sense of their experiences and interact with the world around them.
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Martin Heidegger on Thinking - Dictionary of Arguments

Tugendhat II 47
Thinking/thought/Parmenides: thinking is perspective - such as hearing a sound or seeing a color.
Tugendhat II 57
HeideggerVsParmenides: thinking is not perspective.
>Parmenides, >Thinking
Cardorff II 51
Thinking/Heidegger: Thinking is pointing: not uncovering, not wanting to make present.
>Pointing, >Ostension, >Revelation.
Cardorff II 55
Thoughts/Heidegger/Cardorff: "We never come to a thought. They come to us."
II 56
Thought: Thinking is no means for knowing, thinking draws furrows into the field of being (Acker des Seins").
"Thinking is not an understanding." Thinking is actually: leaving available, taking into consideration. In thinking there is neither method nor theme, but: "The area ..."
>Method, cf. >Method/Gadamer.

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Hei II
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