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Meaning change/semantic change: this is about the question whether the meaning of the terms of a theory change in the light of new knowledge. If they do, problems with incommensurability may arise. See also reference, incommensurability, progress, comparisons.
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Thomas S. Kuhn on Meaning Change - Dictionary of Arguments

I 115
Change of concept/Change of meaning/Kuhn: There is an obligation to alter the meaning of fixed and familiar concepts.
I 140
Change of meaning/Change of concept/Change of theory/Kuhn: Before Copernicus, the sun was also called "planet". - Then they did not only learn the meaning of "planet" or what the sun was, but the meaning of "planet" changed - in a way that they could continue to make a useful distinction.
I 142
The same procedures now give evidence of very different aspects.
I 210
Meaning change/change of concept/Kuhn: Because the vocabularies of discussions about new theories consist mainly of the same expressions, some of these expressions must be applied differently to nature - hence the superiority of one theory over another cannot be proven in discussion.
, >Theory change, >Paradigms.

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Kuhn I
Th. Kuhn
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Chicago 1962
German Edition:
Die Struktur wissenschaftlicher Revolutionen Frankfurt 1973

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