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Generality: Generality refers to properties that are shared by multiple objects. There are no "general objects". See also Properties, Generalization, Generalizability.
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Barry Stroud on Generality - Dictionary of Arguments

I 206
General/Special/skepticism/verificationism/generalization/interior/exterior/Stroud: With Descartes the special is representative and can therefore be generalized.
>René Descartes
VerificationismVsGeneralization: Verificationism considers eneralization as suspicious: one should not apply statements of the system to the system itself.
>Verificationism, >Self-reference, >Cirular reasoning.
StroudVsCarnap: the problem interior/exterior is not the same as that of the general and special.
StroudVsCarnap: the sentence that Descartes does not know whether he is sitting by the fire is not meaningless, only in connection to the skeptical presumption that it is not verifiable.
>Senseless, >Verification.
Problem: the verificationism could come easily in the situation to have to assume that then all of our everyday language would be useless.
>Everyday language.
I 264
Public/knowledge/Stroud: there are indeed general statements about knowledge: e.g. that someone knows something about Sicily of the 4th century. - E.g. that no one knows the causes of cancer.
VsMoore: that he does not achieve a general statement about knowledge, but is not due to a lack of generality.
>G.E. Moore.

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Stroud I
B. Stroud
The Significance of philosophical scepticism Oxford 1984

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