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Actual: in relation to the real world as opposed to a merely possible world or situation.

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Uwe Meixner on Actuality - Dictionary of Arguments

I 55
Actuality/Examole "the golden mountain" neither an actual nor a non-actual individual, because either none or very many of which none are "the" mountain.
I 97
Def Actuality/Meixner: Exemplification: actuality of universals - Problem: ambiguous: a) intentional if x thinks of y, then y is actual - b) relation "x contains y" real, if containing is actual regardless of the actuality of x and y - statements defined by time can be timelessly actual.
I 129
Actuality/Meixner: can be relativized on possible worlds - but also absolute actuality possible: "actual*" - (= partial fact in w* the fact that is the actual world under all circumstances.)
I 135
Actuality/Actual/Absolute/Meixner: the sum of all facts, without relativization "w*" is a possible world and therefore absolutely actual - (s)Vs: does that mean that our actual world (w*, sum of all facts) is supposed to be necessary ?

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Mei I
U. Meixner
Einführung in die Ontologie Darmstadt 2004

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