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Francis Fukuyama on Recognition - Dictionary of Arguments

Brocker I 806
Recognition/Fukuyama: Democracy is the model of order that relatively satisfies the human need for social recognition better than other systems. With the victory of this model, the battle for recognition ends and, according to Fukuyama, the driving force of history is stopped. However, this is a Pyrrhic victory, because the individual needs the fight.
Brocker I 807
FukuyamaVsDoyle, Michael/FukuyamaVsRussett, Bruce: Fukuyama shares the thesis of Doyle (1986)(1) and Russett (1993)(2) that democracies are peaceful among themselves, but wars between democracies and non-democracies are likely. But he goes beyond that and sees a potential cause of war in the constant striving for recognition.
Brocker I 808
Progress/Fukuyama: Progress is also technologically influenced, but technological progress alone cannot explain the emergence and implementation of democratic systems. There must be another driving force for this: the struggle of the individual for recognition.
, Liberty/Fukuyama, Universal History/Fukuyama.

1. Michael W. Doyle, „Liberalism and World Politics“, in: American Political Science Review 80/4, 1986, p. 1151-1169.
2. Bruce M. Russett, Grasping the Democratic Peace. Principles for a Post-Cold War World, Princeton 1993.

Anja Jetschke, „Francis Fukuyama, Das Ende der Geschichte“, in: Manfred Brocker (Ed.) Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert. Frankfurt/M. 2018

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PolFuku I
Francis Fukuyama
The End of History and the Last Man New York 1992

Brocker I
Manfred Brocker
Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert Frankfurt/M. 2018

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