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War: War is an armed conflict between states, governments, societies, or paramilitary groups such as mercenaries, insurgents, and militias. See also Conflicts, Peace, Violence, Coercion, State, Politics.
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Kenneth N. Waltz on War - Dictionary of Arguments

Brocker I 623
War/Eyplanation/International Policy/Waltz: What explanations are there for the emergence of wars in international politics? Most explanatory approaches can be divided into three categories:
a) human nature,
b) the internal order of states,
c) the structure of the international system.
Ad a) Waltz calls these explanations "first level": such anthropological approaches have little scientific explanatory power.
, >Causal explanation.
Ad b) "Second level": Explanations by the ruling orders of states cannot satisfactorily answer the causes of war: states have waged wars time and again in history - irrespective of their internal structure. This applied to democracies as well as authoritarian systems.
Solution/Waltz: it must be the international political environment that has a lot to do with how states behave. (1)
System competition/Waltz: thesis: the presence of different competing states constitutes an anarchic system in which the absence of rule between states promotes conflict and war between them. (2)
>Conflicts, >Governance, >Peace.

1. Kenneth N. Waltz, Man, State and War, New York 1959, p. 122f.
2. Ibid. p. 184-185

Carlo Masala, „Kenneth N. Waltz, Theory of International Politics” in: Manfred Brocker (Hg.) Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert. Frankfurt/M. 2018

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PolWaltz I
Kenneth N. Waltz
Man,the State and War New York 1959

Brocker I
Manfred Brocker
Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert Frankfurt/M. 2018

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