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Power: Political power is the ability to influence or control the behavior of others in the political sphere. It can be exercised through formal institutions, such as the government, or through informal means, such as persuasion or coercion. See also Coercion, Persuasion, Government, Governance, Society, Politics, Democracy, Ideology.
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Kenneth N. Waltz on Power - Dictionary of Arguments

Brocker I 632
Power/WaltzVsDahl/Waltz: Waltz does not follow the common power definition of Dahl (1957) (1):
Def Power/Dahl: the possibility of an actor is to get other actors to take actions that they would otherwise not have taken.
WaltzVsDahl: this definition is useless for the analysis of political processes, since politics is above all the area of unintended and unexpected consequences. (2)
Def Power/Waltz: Power is that states influence other states' policies more than their own. (3) This influence does not have to be active at all. However, the result will always remain uncertain, as the result of government action is influenced by the environment in which it takes place. This also leads Waltz to believe that it is not necessary for his theory to assume that the state is a rationally acting actor. (4)
, >International Politics.

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PolWaltz I
Kenneth N. Waltz
Man,the State and War New York 1959

Brocker I
Manfred Brocker
Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert Frankfurt/M. 2018

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