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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on Language - Dictionary of Arguments

Brocker I 59
Language/Gandhi: Gandhi complains that "our best newspapers are in English" and "we [...] write each other letters in incorrect English. If this state continues for a long time, posterity will[...] curse us". (1)
Every educated Indian should know his national language and Hindi, as well as Sanskrit if he is a Hindu, and Arabic if he is a Muslim. Some Hindus should also learn Arabic and Muslims Sanskrit. Indians from the West and North should also learn Tamil. English books that are worth it should be translated into various Indian languages. If that could be done, English could be expelled quickly.(2)
Cf. >Colonialism
, >Postcolonialism, >Nationalism, >Language Acquisition, >Education, >Educational Policy, >Culture, >Cultural Values,
>Cultural Tradition, >Culture Shift, >Governance, >Civil Disobedience.

1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule, Ahmedabad 1938 (zuerst 1909). Dt.: Mahatma Gandhi, Hind Swaraj oder Indische Selbstregierung, in: ders., Ausgewählte Werke. Grundlegende Schriften, herausgegeben von Shriman Narayan, bearbeitet von Wolfgang Sternstein, Göttingen 2011, Bd. 3. p. 149
2. ibid p. 151.

Dietmar Rothermund, Mahatma Gandhi in: Brocker, Manfred, Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert. Frankfurt/M. 2018.

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Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand
Brocker I
Manfred Brocker
Geschichte des politischen Denkens. Das 20. Jahrhundert Frankfurt/M. 2018

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