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Labour power: In political philosophy, labor power is the capacity to work, or the ability to exert physical or mental effort. It is a commodity that is sold by workers to employers in exchange for wages. See also Labour, Markets, Society, Division of Labour.
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Karl Marx on Labour Power - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas IV 493
Labour/labour power/Marx/Habermas: On the one hand, labour power is captured as an abstract achievement for a work process that is formally organised from the point of view of exploitation. As an action it belongs to the lifeworld of the producer, as a listing to the functional context of the capitalist enterprise and the economic system as a whole.
Commodity/Marx/Offe: according to Marx, the labour power is not a commodity like any other: it is 'alive'.
, >Commodity.
1) It does not arise for the purpose of saleability.
2) It is inseparable from its owner,
3) It can only be set in motion by its owner.(1)
>Actions, >Subjects, >Markets.

1. C. Offe, Unregierbarkeit, in: J. Habermas. Stichworte zur geistigen Situation der Zeit, Frankfurt 1979, p. 315.

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