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Subject-Object Problem: In idealism, the subject-object problem concerns the relationship between the perceiving subject and the perceived object. It questions how the mind apprehends external reality and whether the world exists independently of our perception or is dependent on the mind for its existence. See also Idealism, Reality, World/Thinking, Existence, Ideas, Mind, Knowledge.
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G.W.F. Hegel on Subject-Object Problem - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas IV 302
Subject-Object/Hegel/Habermas: Question: How do the two forms of integration of contexts of action relate to one another, the one that takes place in the consciousness of the actors as it were (>Action theory/Habermas
) and the other that silently reaches through the actors' orientations? (>System theory/Habermas).
Solution/Hegel: in legal philosophy, Hegel solves this problem in the sense of an idealistic transition from the subjective to the objective mind.
>Law/Hegel, >Subject/Hegel, >Subject-Object Problem.

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Ha I
J. Habermas
Der philosophische Diskurs der Moderne Frankfurt 1988

Jürgen Habermas
Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns Bd. I Frankfurt/M. 1981

Jürgen Habermas
Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns Bd. II Frankfurt/M. 1981

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