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Habermas III 116
Objective mind/Popper/Habermas: Popper deals with the basic empirical conception according to which the subject is suddenly confronted with the world, receives its impressions from it via sensory perceptions or acts on states in it.
>Myth of the given.
This problem context explains why Popper sees his doctrine of the objective mind as an extension of the empirical concept and introduces the objective as well as the subjective mind as "worlds", i. e. as special totalities of entities.
World 1: physical objects, World
World 2: states of consciousness,
World 3: objective thought content)
The older theories of the objective mind, developed from Dilthey to Theodor Litt and Hans Freyer in the historical and new Hegelian traditions, start from the primacy of an active mind that interprets itself in the worlds it constitutes.
PopperVsLitt/PopperVsDilthey/PopperVsFreyer/Habermas: Popper, on the other hand, holds on fast to the primacy of the world over the mind and understands the second and third world in analogy to the first world ontologically. In this respect, his construction of the third world is more reminiscent of Nicolai Hartmann's theory of mental being. (1) (PopperVsEmpiricism).
World 3/Popper/Habermas: the products of the human mind immediately turn against him as problems:"These problems are obviously independent. They are not created in any way by us; rather, we discover them and in this sense they already exist before their discovery, moreover, at least some of these problems may be unsolvable.". (2)

1.N. Hartmann, Das Problem des geistigen Seins, Berlin 1932.
2.K. R. Popper, J. C. Eccles The Self and its Brain, Berlin 1977 p. 41ff.

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