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Rationality, philosophy: rationality is the ability of a being to consciously adapt to a situation due to the generalizations of his experiences. It can also be rational to want to learn something new. See also system, order, creativity, discoveries, evaluation, repetition.

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Melvin Pollner on Rationality - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas III 32
Rationality/Mundane Reasoning/Environment/Pollner/Habermas: a phenomenological approach that examines the conditions for the recognition of a shared environment with the possibility of shared experiences rather than presupposing it, must analyse what Melvin Pollner calls "mundane reasoning" with reference to Alfred Schütz:
Pollner: That a community orients itself through a world which is essentially constant, as one which is known and knowable to others, provides that community with the justifiable grounds for asking questions of a particular sort of which a prototypical representative is „How come, he sees it and you do not?“. (1)
Habermas III 33
Pollner: it is not the inter-subjectivity of the world that is called into question, but the adequacy of the methods through which the world is experienced and with which it reacts to it. (2)

1.M. Pollner, Mundane Reasoning, Phil. Soc. Scie. 4, 1974, 40.
2. ibid. p. 47f.

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Melvin Pollner
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Ha I
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Jürgen Habermas
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