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John Stuart Mill on Political Representation - Dictionary of Arguments

Rawls I 232
Political Representation/Justice/Mill/Rawls: Mill took the view that more intelligent and educated people should be given more voting rights (extra votes) to give their opinions greater influence. (See J. St. Mill, Considerations on Representative Government, in Representative Government, ed. R. B: McCallum, Oxford, 1946, pp. 216-222.)
Rawls: Mill believed that this was in accordance with the natural order of human life. This is in everyone's interest and corresponds to the human sense of justice. However, this should not go as far as class legislation in their favour. Ideally, the wiser should be on the side of the law and be the deciding factor in critical questions. Mill was convinced that everyone would benefit, including those who would be less strongly represented.
RawlsVsMill: I don't want to criticize him here. But his attitude is an example of why political equality is sometimes seen as inferior to other freedoms.

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Mill I
John St. Mill
A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive, London 1843
German Edition:
Von Namen, aus: A System of Logic, London 1843
Eigennamen, Ursula Wolf, Frankfurt/M. 1993

Mill II
J. St. Mill
Utilitarianism: 1st (First) Edition Oxford 1998

Rawl I
J. Rawls
A Theory of Justice: Original Edition Oxford 2005

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