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Expectations: in psychology, expectations are cognitive anticipations about future events or outcomes, influencing perception and behavior. They shape individual experiences by guiding attention, interpretation, and emotional responses. Expectations can be formed through past experiences, social influences, and cognitive processes, impacting decision-making and overall well-being. See also Experience, Perception, Behavior, Attention, Interpretation, Emotions.
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John Rawls on Expectations - Dictionary of Arguments

I 90
Expectations/society/social community/distribution justice/justice/Rawls: what expectations of individuals are, we can best recognize by a distinction from utilitarianism, which strives to maximize the overall utility.
I 92
Situation: we describe an individual's situation as better or worse, regardless of what that individual considers desirable.
>Situations, >Descriptions, >Individuals.
It is a question of what changes in the structure of a system in which this person finds himself or herself can bring advantages to that person.
Def expectation/Rawls: I then simply define expectation as an index of the goods that a representative individual can expect in a situation.
Primary goods/Rawls: are then those that a rational being strives for, no matter what else he/she strives for.

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Rawl I
J. Rawls
A Theory of Justice: Original Edition Oxford 2005

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