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Drives and instincts: Drives are biological urges that motivate us to take action to satisfy our basic needs, such as hunger, thirst, and sleep. Instincts are complex patterns of behavior that are inherited and largely involuntary.
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David Papineau on Drives/Instincts - Dictionary of Arguments

I 250, 254
Level 0: Monomats: tue V
Level 1 Opportunists If A, tue V
Level 3: Voters: if a and B, tue V1 or V2, depending on what is more desired. Due to this complexity, it is uncertain what the exact content is that drives represent
a) specific results
b) different effects? Papineau pro b.
, >Parts, >Whole, >Behavior, >Animals.
I 276
Purpose-Means-Thinking/Non-Egocentric/Animal/Dickinson's Rats/Papineau: which animals have non-egocentric awareness of causal relations?
Apes, primates: only very limited - new experiments by Dickinson seem to show that rats have non-egocentric purpose-means-thinking.
>Egocentrism, >Thinking, >Thinking without language.
I 279
Practical syllogism is unequal to purpose-means thinking.
>Practical syllogism, >Purposes/Papineau.
I 281
PapineauVsDickinson: (ad Heyes & Dickinson 1990(1)): the rats are still causally egocentric. Only causal information: from their own behaviour.

1. C. Heyes & A. Dickinson (1990). "The Intentionality of Animal Action". In: Mind and Language 1990, p. 87-104.

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Papineau I
David Papineau
"The Evolution of Means-End Reasoning" in: D. Papineau: The Roots of Reason, Oxford 2003, pp. 83-129
Der Geist der Tiere, D Perler/M. Wild, Frankfurt/M. 2005

Papineau II
David Papineau
The antipathetic fallacy and the boundaries of consciousness
Bewusstein, Thomas Metzinger, Paderborn/München/Wien/Zürich 1996

Papineau III
D. Papineau
Thinking about Consciousness Oxford 2004

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