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John Stuart Mill on Common Sense - Dictionary of Arguments

Rawls I 304
Common Sense/Mill/Rawls: the maxims of justice cannot be based solely on the Common Sense: For example, wages should be paid to everyone
I 305
according to his/her commitment and his/her contribution. These are contradictory provisions in themselves! Nor can they be weighted against each other. (J. St. Mill, Utilitarianism, ch. V, par. 30.)
RawlsVsMill: but that doesn't mean that utilitarianism is needed as a solution, as Mill apparently believed.
For example, a company that needs employees must also invest in the training of the underqualified in order to benefit its own interests. It will later incur even higher costs because they will then have to pay the employees higher wages.
I 307
Common Sense/RawlsVsMill: None of the maxims of common sense can be elevated to the rank of a principle of justice. Any one of them would cause distortion.
I 308
This has to do with the inefficiencies of the market. (See Mark Blaug, Economic Theory in Retrospect, (Cambridge, 1962) pp. 434f.)

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Mill I
John St. Mill
A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive, London 1843
German Edition:
Von Namen, aus: A System of Logic, London 1843
Eigennamen, Ursula Wolf, Frankfurt/M. 1993

Mill II
J. St. Mill
Utilitarianism: 1st (First) Edition Oxford 1998

Rawl I
J. Rawls
A Theory of Justice: Original Edition Oxford 2005

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