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Stephen Jay Gould on Environment - Dictionary of Arguments

IV 43
Environment/Adjustment/Selection/Darwinism/Gould: according to the traditional point of view Darwinism is first and foremost a theory of natural selection.
Gould: that is certainly true, but in reference to power and scope of selection we have become overzealous when we try to attribute every conceivable form and behaviour to their direct influence.
Another often forgotten principle prevents any optimal adaptation: the strange and yet compelling paths of history! Organisms are subject to the constraints of inherited forms that slow down their evolution! They cannot be reshaped every time their environment changes.
IV 44
History/Gould: a world that would be optimally adapted to its current environment would be a world without history, such a world could have been created as we find it now.

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Gould I
Stephen Jay Gould
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German Edition:
Der Daumen des Panda Frankfurt 2009

Gould II
Stephen Jay Gould
Hen’s Teeth and Horse’s Toes. Further Reflections in Natural History, New York 1983
German Edition:
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Stephen Jay Gould
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Gould IV
Stephen Jay Gould
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German Edition:
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