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Chris Anderson on Markets - Dictionary of Arguments

I 5
Market/Anderson: Anderson's thesis: the mass market is transformed into a mass of niches. These niches have always existed. Only now are they found by search engines and are available. Within these niches there are smaller markets with local stars.
I 7
Digital markets: the 80/20 rule no longer applies here, which otherwise applies almost everywhere: 80% of sales are made with 20% of the goods. In the digital market, on the other hand, the ratio is 98/2. e.g. 2 % of the titles in juke boxes are selected in 98% of the cases.
Robbie Vann-Adibè (CEO of Ecast until 2005): Thesis: in the age of reduced shipping costs to almost zero and instant access, consumers are looking for just about everything. This means that 98% of the goods that would never have been found before are now available.
I 8
Anderson: this would radically transform some of the largest markets. (...) New: demand is no longer filtered by scarcity.
I 11
Market/Anderson: Thesis: in the 21st century we can speak of markets with unlimited choice.
I 12
Anderson: I cannot claim to have created an efficient tool for a market with low turnover and a huge inventory. Jeff Bezos did that with Amazon.
I 22
Amazon: makes a third of its turnover with books that are too rarely sold to get into the normal bookstores at all.

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Ander I
Chris Anderson
The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More New York 2006

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