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Chris Anderson on Niches - Dictionary of Arguments

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Niches/Economy/Economy/Anderson: The mass market is transformed into a mass of niches. These niches have always existed. Only now are they found by search engines and are available. Within these niches there are smaller markets with local stars.
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The long tail economy (see Terminology/Anderson) began with niches, but these are meaningless if they are not filled with people who want these niches. And these people exist. ((s) Because they are recently informed about the existence of these niches and meet like-minded people there).
1. there are more niches than hits in practically all markets.
2 The costs of reaching these niches have fallen.
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3. Simply offering more goods does not change the demand alone. Users must be provided with ranking tools to structure the diversity themselves.
4. If these tools are active, there will still be hits and niches, but the differences between them are less massive.
5. The niches add up and outweigh the hit market.
6. Demand is changing because it is no longer hampered by information shortages and transport shortages.

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Chris Anderson
The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More New York 2006

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