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Definition Noosphere/noosphere/Terminology/Lanier: a collective brain consisting of all people connected to each other on the Internet. We should resolutely oppose this idea.
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Definition Digital Maoism/Definition Cybernetic Totalitarianism/Lanier: the victorious technological subculture. It includes people from the world of open culture, creative commons, members of the Linux community, representatives of the Artificial Intelligence approach and others. Their most popular blog are Boing Boing, Tech-Crunch and Slashdot. Their message in the old country is the magazine Wired.
I 31
Their followers have no evil intentions.
I 40
Definition Grey slime: tiny computers built by computers that will eat up the earth. Further development of the idea of > singularity/computer science.
I 44
"The highest meta": Race for the highest meta: previous aggregation layers are aggregated again and again (automatically read and summarized).
I 89
Casual anonymity/Lanier: an effortless, inconsequential, transient anonymity at the service of an objective such as promoting an opinion that has nothing to do with one's own identity or personality.
I 110
Digital Maoism: does not reject hierarchies in principle. It rewards only an outstanding degree a very specific, preferred hierarchy, which is the digital meta-level, according to which a mash is more important than the sources from which the mash was squeezed. A blog from blogs is higher than a simple blog. In the cloud,"meta" is synonymous with power.

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Lanier I
Jaron Lanier
You are not a Gadget. A Manifesto, New York 2010
German Edition:
Gadget: Warum die Zukunft uns noch braucht Frankfurt/M. 2012

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