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Complex: a complex is composed of components that can be distinguished from each other and are relatively autonomous. Complex behavior refers to systems that consist of several components. The relative independence of the components is manifested in their behavior. Relative autonomy of the components is determined by the description of the complex as a whole.

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Weizenbaum I 176
Complexity/H. A. Simon: (H. A. Simon, The Sciences and the Artificial, Cambridge, 1969, p. 24f) an ant that is seen as a behavioural system is quite simple. The obvious complexity of its behaviour over a longer period of time is largely an expression of the complexity of the environment in which it is located... The cells and molecules of ants are complex, but these microscopic details of the inner environment are probably largely irrelevant to the ant's behavior compared to the outer environment. This is the reason why a completely different constructed machine could simulate the behaviour of the ant.
Simon: I would like to investigate this hypothesis in more detail, but I would like to replace the word "ant" with the word "human". For my part, I believe that this hypothesis even applies to the whole human.

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psySimn II
Herbert A. Simon
Models of Thought New Haven 1979

Simon I
Herbert A. Simon
The Sciences of the Artificial Cambridge, MA 1970

Weizenbaum I
Joseph Weizenbaum
Computer Power and Human Reason. From Judgment to Calculation, W. H. Freeman & Comp. 1976
German Edition:
Die Macht der Computer und die Ohnmacht der Vernunft Frankfurt/M. 1978

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