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Measurements, philosophy: A) the problem of measuring is discussed in the context of interpretations of quantum mechanics. B) the comparison of D. Davidson's attribution of linguistic meanings to measurement is taken up in other theories.

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Stephen Jay Gould on Measurements - Dictionary of Arguments

I 334
Measure/Gould: it has to be admitted that many of these data are ambiguous: how do we know which periodicity is reflected in the lines ((s) here annual rings of fossil finds)?
Simple counting does not always work, because we know that animals sometimes skip a day. But of course they cannot double a day according to the fact. Actual counts generally underestimate the number of days (e.g. the number of 360 daily lamellae in the corals, e. g. heavily cloudy days).
Animals slow down their growth considerably with advancing age. However, many growth rings will continue to increase to the same extent. Does this mean that longer periods of time are expressed in the later septa of the Nautilus? The nautilus could have the rule of not forming septa at full moon. We must therefore remain very sceptical about the results.
If the retreat of the moon is taken into account, it entered the Roche limit about one billion years ago. No solid body can form within them.
The recently measured retreat of the moon is much smaller than previously assumed: 5.8 cm per year instead of 94.5 cm per year.

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Stephen Jay Gould
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