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Cultural Psychology on Culpable States of Mind - Dictionary of Arguments

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Culpable States of Mind/cultural psychology/Nadler/Mueller: In a cross-cultural study, assessments of state of mind differed strongly across harm vignettes (...); nevertheless, in three out of four scenarios, people's inferences did not comport well
Parisi I 143
with MPC (Model Penal Code) categories (Levinson, 2005)(1).
Cultural differences: Interestingly, in this study, Chinese participants systematically inferred greater state of mind culpability than American participants. Other research has suggested that collectivist cultures, including the Chinese, give more weight to situational factors than dispositional factors when explaining behavior (e.g., Morris and Peng, 1994)(2); however, these studies do not specifically assess perceptions of culpability or responsibility. >Culpable states of mind/Social psychology.

1. Levinson, Justin D. (2005). "Mentally Misguided: How State of Mind Inquiries Ignore Psychological Reality and Overlook Cultural Differences." Howard LJ 49: 1.
2. Morris, Michael W. and Kaiping Peng (1994). "Culture and Cause: American and Chinese
Attributions for Social and Physical Events." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 67(6):949

Nadler, Janice and Pam A. Mueller. „Social Psychology and the Law“. In: Parisi, Francesco (ed) (2017). The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics. Vol 1: Methodology and Concepts. NY: Oxford University Press

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Cultural Psychology
Parisi I
Francesco Parisi (Ed)
The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics: Volume 1: Methodology and Concepts New York 2017

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