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Jared Diamond on Sedentism - Dictionary of Arguments

Acemoglu I 141
Sendentism/Diamond, Jared/Acemolgu: The traditional, geography-based explanation for the Neolithic Revolution - the centerpiece of Jared Diamond’s argument, (...) - is that it was driven by the fortuitous availability of many plant and animal species that could easily be domesticated. This made farming and herding attractive and induced sedentary life. After societies became sedentary and started farming, they began to develop political hierarchy, religion, and significantly more complex institutions.
AcemogluVsDiamond/RobinsonVsDiamond, Jared: Though widely accepted, the evidence from the Natufians (>Sedentism/Acemoglu) suggests that this traditional explanation puts the cart before the horse.
Solution/Acemoglu/Robinson: Institutional changes occurred in societies quite a while before they made the transition to farming and were probably the cause both of the move to sedentarism, which reinforced the institutional changes, and subsequently of the Neolithic Revolution.

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Acemoglu I
James A. Acemoglu
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