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Geographical factors: Geographical factors refer to natural elements shaping a region's characteristics, including terrain, climate, soil, and water sources. These factors influence human activities, settlement patterns, agriculture, and economic development. See also Economic development, Developing countries.
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Jeffrey Sachs on Geographical Factors - Dictionary of Arguments

Acemoglu I 48
Geographical factors/inequality/Sachs/Acemoglu/Robinson: The theory that hot countries are intrinsically poor, though contradicted by the recent rapid economic advance of countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and
Acemoglu I 49
Botswana, is still forcefully advocated by some, such as the economist Jeffrey Sachs. The modern version of this view emphasizes not the direct effects of climate on work effort or thought processes, but two additional arguments: first, that tropical diseases, particularly malaria, have very adverse consequences for health and therefore labor productivity; and second, that tropical soils do not allow for productive agriculture. The conclusion, though, is the same: temperate climates have a relative advantage over tropical and semitropical areas.(1) AcemogluVsSachs: >Geographical Factors/Acemoglu.

1. Sachs, Jeffery B. (2006). The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for Our Time. New York: Penguin.

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Nouriel Roubini
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James A. Acemoglu
James A. Robinson
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Acemoglu I
James A. Acemoglu
James A. Robinson
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