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Imitation: Imitation is the act of copying the behavior or appearance of another person or thing. It is a natural and important part of human development. See also Stages of Development.
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Policy of Hungary on Imitation - Dictionary of Arguments

Krastev I 75
Imitation/Policy of Hungary/Krastev: Without pushing the analogy too far, the American sociologist Kim Scheppele describes today’s Hungary (presided over by another Viktor) as a ‘Frankenstate’, that is, an illiberal mutant composed of ingeniously stitched-together elements of Western liberal democracies.(1) What she shows, remarkably enough, is that Orbán has
Krastev I 76
succeeded in parrying threats to his power by implementing a clever policy of piecemeal imitation.
When attacked by Brussels for the illiberal character of his reforms, the Hungarian government is always quick to point out that every controversial legal procedure, rule and institution has been faithfully copied from the legal system of one of the member states. Instead of suffering imitation passively, the Prime Minister employs it strategically. Selective imitation has allowed Orbán to stymie EU attempts to penalize Hungary for the regime’s attacks on freedom of the press and judicial independence. By assembling an illiberal whole out of liberal parts, Orbán has managed to turn the very idea of a Western Imitation Imperative into an in-your-face joke at Brussels’ expense.

1. Kim Lane Scheppele, ‘The Rule of Law and the Frankenstate: Why Governance Checklists Do Not Work’, Governance 26:4 (October 2013), pp. 559–62.

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