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Emigration: Emigration is the act of leaving one's native country or region to permanently settle in another. It involves the voluntary departure of individuals or groups from their homeland. See also Refugees.
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Policy of Eastern Europe on Emigration - Dictionary of Arguments

Krastev I 42
Emigration/Eastern European Policy/Krastev: The populists of the region have now found an alternative strategy to resurrect the moral disapproval that dissidents such as Michnik once attached to emigration. It is vital for them to reject the claim that Hungary, Poland and the other countries of the region can succeed politically and economically only if they faithfully imitate the West. Cf. >Emigration/Michnik. Formulated differently, populists in Warsaw and Budapest seem to have turned the refugee crisis in the West into a branding opportunity for the East. Citizens will stop leaving for the West only if the West loses its allure. Dispraising the West and declaring its institutions ‘not worth imitating’ can be explained as imaginary revenge born of resentment. But it has the collateral benefit of serving the region’s number one policy priority by helping discourage emigration. Denying that the West is a land of opportunity and that Western liberalism is the gold standard of advanced social and economic order helps reduce its magnetic appeal to a restive population.

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Policy of Eastern Europe
Krastev I
Ivan Krastev
Stephen Holmes
The Light that Failed: A Reckoning London 2019

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