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Ken Jowitt on Imitation - Dictionary of Arguments

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Imitation/Jowitt/Krastev: As political scientist Ken Jowitt has pointed out, replicas of Versailles were built in Germany, Poland and Russia, French manners were copied, and French became the language of far-flung elites. In the nineteenth century, it was the turn of the British parliament to become the focus of perfunctory and ornamental imitation, while ‘after World War II a number of Stalinist regimes were created in Eastern Europe, from Albania to Lithuania, all stamped with identically ugly Stalinist architecture – political and physical.’(1)
. In the post-Cold War world, ‘learning English, displaying copies of the Federalist Papers, wearing Armani suits, having elections’ – and, to recall Jowitt’s favourite example, ‘playing golf’(2) – enable non-Western elites not only to put their powerful Western interlocutors at ease, but also to make economic, political and military claims upon them.

1. Ken Jowitt, ‘Communism, Democracy, and Golf’, Hoover Digest (30 January 2001).

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