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Youth culture: Youth culture encompasses the behaviors, interests, values and forms of expression of young people. It is reflected in music, fashion, language, social groups and activism and shapes the identity and community of young generations. Youth culture is dynamic, changeable and reflects social trends and individual forms of expression.
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Post-communist Countries on Youth Culture - Dictionary of Arguments

Krastev I 52
Youth culture/post-communist era/Krastev: There is a second way* in which many Central and East Europeans associate Westernization with betrayal (...).
One consequence of the unipolar Age of Imitation is that school children began to be taught to look westward and only westward for role models. The resulting reforms in public education meant that they found the prospect of imitating their parents less and less attractive. In post-communist societies, as a result, parents lost their ability to transfer their values and attitudes to their offspring. How the parents lived and what they achieved or suffered under communism ceased to matter in either material or moral terms. The young were not really revolting against their parents, as happened in the West in 1968. Instead, they started feeling sorry for them and otherwise ignoring them.

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Post-communist Countries
Krastev I
Ivan Krastev
Stephen Holmes
The Light that Failed: A Reckoning London 2019

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