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Stuart J. Russell on Fitness Landscape - Dictionary of Arguments

Norvig I 155
Fitness landscape/Norvig/Russell: Work by Sewall Wright (1931)(1) on the concept of a fitness landscape was an important precursor to the development of genetic algorithms. >Optimization, >Genetic algorithms, >Local minima, >Search algorithms.
In the 1950s, several statisticians, including Box (1957)(2) and Friedman (1959)(3), used evolutionary techniques for optimization problems, but it wasn’t until Rechenberg (1965)(4) introduced evolution strategies to solve optimization problems for airfoils that the approach gained popularity.

1. Wright, S. (1931). Evolution in Mendelian populations. Genetics, 16, 97–159.
2. Box, G. E. P. (1957). Evolutionary operation: A method of increasing industrial productivity. Applied
Statistics, 6, 81–101.
3. Friedman, G. J. (1959). Digital simulation of an evolutionary process. General Systems Yearbook, 4,
4. Rechenberg, I. (1965). Cybernetic solution path of an experimental problem. Library translation 1122, Royal Aircraft Establishment

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Russell I
B. Russell/A.N. Whitehead
Principia Mathematica Frankfurt 1986

Russell II
B. Russell
The ABC of Relativity, London 1958, 1969
German Edition:
Das ABC der Relativitätstheorie Frankfurt 1989

Russell IV
B. Russell
The Problems of Philosophy, Oxford 1912
German Edition:
Probleme der Philosophie Frankfurt 1967

Russell VI
B. Russell
"The Philosophy of Logical Atomism", in: B. Russell, Logic and KNowledge, ed. R. Ch. Marsh, London 1956, pp. 200-202
German Edition:
Die Philosophie des logischen Atomismus
Eigennamen, U. Wolf (Hg), Frankfurt 1993

Russell VII
B. Russell
On the Nature of Truth and Falsehood, in: B. Russell, The Problems of Philosophy, Oxford 1912 - Dt. "Wahrheit und Falschheit"
Wahrheitstheorien, G. Skirbekk (Hg), Frankfurt 1996

Norvig I
Peter Norvig
Stuart J. Russell
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Upper Saddle River, NJ 2010

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