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Developmental Psychology on Threats to Development - Dictionary of Arguments

Upton I 32
Threats to development/Developmental psychology/Upton:
Maternal health: for the influence of rubella: Dontigny et al. 2008(1)) for the influence of nutrition: see Derbyshire, 2007(2)
Upton I 33
Maternal age: see Jacobson et al. 2004(3), Frazer et al. 1995(4).
Maternal stress: see Talge et al. 2007(5)
Upton I 34
Drugs: see Lester et al., 2002(6), - Alcohol: see Caley et al. 2008(7)
Upton I 35
Tobacco: see Shea and Streiner, 2008(8)
Environmental hazards: e.g., radiation can cause gene mutations:
Upton I 36
See Hertz et al., 2008(9)
Paternal health: see Cordier, 2008(10), Yang et al. 2007(11).

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Developmental Psychology
Upton I
Penney Upton
Developmental Psychology 2011

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