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Cultural Psychology on Collectives - Dictionary of Arguments

Slater I 170
Collectives/cultural psychology: Lying and truth telling have also been examined with reference to their implications for individuals versus one’s collective. Fu, Xu, Cameron, Heyman, and Lee (2007)(1) found that seven- to nine-year-old Chinese children were more likely to disapprove of lies if they were told to benefit a specific individual (e.g., a friend) rather than to a group, whereas Canadian children of the same ages showed the reverse pattern. However, this does not imply that Chinese children always favor lies told to benefit a collective.
Sweet, Heyman, Fu, and Lee (2010)(2) found Chinese children judged lies to conceal their group’s cheating against another group harshly, and were even more negative in these judgments than American children. >Honesty/cultural psychology, >Honesty/Kohlberg, >Kohlberg/cultural psychology.

1. Fu, G., Xu, F., Cameron, C. A., Heyman, G. D., & Lee, K. (2007). Cross-cultural differences in children’s choices, categorizations, and evaluations of truths and lies. Developmental Psychology, 43, 278—293.
2. Sweet, M. A., Heyman, G. D., Fu. G., & Lee, K. (2010). Are there limits to collectivism? Culture and children’s reasoning about lying to conceal a group transgression. Infant and Child Development, 19,

Gail D. Heyman and Kang Lee, “Moral Development. Revisiting Kohlberg’s Stages“, in: Alan M. Slater and Paul C. Quinn (eds.) 2012. Developmental Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies. London: Sage Publications

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Cultural Psychology
Slater I
Alan M. Slater
Paul C. Quinn
Developmental Psychology. Revisiting the Classic Studies London 2012

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