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Cultural Psychology on Education - Dictionary of Arguments

Upton I 97
Education/Cultural psychology/Upton: Cross-cultural studies have shown that cognitive skills develop at different rates and may manifest themselves in different ways depending on the context in which a child lives (Cole, 1990)(1). Nunes et al. (1993)(2) showed, for example, how child street traders in Brazil who had not been exposed to formal schooling had difficulty finding the correct solution to hypothetical mathematical problems when these problems were given to them in written form. However, they did statistically better when the same problem was presented orally.

1. Cole, M (1990) Cognitive development and formal schooling: the evidence from cross-cultural research, in Moll, LC (ed.) Vygotsky and Education. New York: Cambridge University Press.
2. Nunes, T, Schliemann, AD and Carraher, DW (1993) Street Mathematics and School Mathematics, New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Cultural Psychology
Upton I
Penney Upton
Developmental Psychology 2011

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