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Porter Hypothesis: The Porter Hypothesis, proposed by economist Michael Porter, suggests that well-designed environmental regulations can stimulate innovation and competitiveness in businesses.
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Michael E. Porter on Porter Hypothesis - Dictionary of Arguments

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Porter Hypothesis/Porter: the thesis contradicts the standard assertion that the unilateral introduction of strict environmental protection regulations in one country would disadvantage companies because of the rising production costs associated with the conditions in the international market, which in turn is one of the industry's key arguments against environmental regulation (Porter 1990). (1)
Porter thesis: Nations can certainly achieve competitive advantages in international competition if they unilaterally introduce strict environmental protection regulations or tighten existing standards if environmental standards are set correctly. These can trigger innovations and reduce the overall cost of a product or increase its value. In this way, nations can also play a pioneering role in technology.
Vs: the actual extent of such win-win potentials is controversial.
>Environmental protection, >Competition, >Costs, >Innovations.

1. Porter, Michael E. 1990. The competitive advantage of nations. Harvard Business Review 68: 73– 93.

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Michael E. Porter
The competitive advantage of nations 1990

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