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Norms, ethics, philosophy: norms define which actions are permitted, advisable or prohibited when certain circumstances are present. The philosophical discussion deals mainly with questions of its justification.

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Douglas C. North on Norms - Dictionary of Arguments

Parisi I 168
Norms/North/Wangenheim: That social norms influence the change of law has (…) been widely discussed in the literature on transplanting legal systems or parts thereof to other jurisdictions, the most prominent examples being less developed countries or historical cases (North, 1990)(1). Here the argument goes that social norms do not drive legal change but they may substantially hamper it. If transplanted law deviates too much from social norms, then experience shows that the law may not become effective, and most social behavior (often including market behavior) will remain under the guidance and control of social norms rather than the law. >Norms/Cooter, >Norms/Economic theories, >Legal history/Economic theories.

1. North D. C. (1990). Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance. Cam-
bridge: Cambridge University Press.

Wangenheim, Georg von. „Evolutionary Law and Economics.” In: Parisi, Francesco (ed) (2017). The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics. Vol 1: Methodology and Concepts. NY: Oxford University Press

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North, Douglas C.
Parisi I
Francesco Parisi (Ed)
The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics: Volume 1: Methodology and Concepts New York 2017

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