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Talcott Parsons on Systems - Dictionary of Arguments

Habermas IV 229
System/Talcott Parsons/Habermas: the mature Parsons reinterprets the structural components of the lifeworld, i.e. culture, society and personality, into systems of action that form environments for each other. Parsons easily subsumes the concept of the lifeworld under system-theoretical terms, although it has a completely different origin.
Lifeworld/Parsons: He defines the physical substrate of the lifeworld under the term "behavioral system".
HabermasVsParsons, Talcott: I would like to take into account the methodological difference between internal and external considerations.
Habermas IV 338
Systems/Parsons/Habermas: after Parson understood early systems simply as ordered sets of elements, he later sees them from the point of view of conservation and demarcation against an over-complex environment. (1)
Habermas IV 339
(Cultural anthropological) structural functionalism is now being replaced by (biocybernetic) system functionalism. Then the terms "function" and "structure" are no longer on the same level. Structures and processes form functional equivalents for each other. (2)
Habermas IV 340
ParsonsVsLuhmann: the special position culture occupies in relation to empirical systems of action gives Parsons the possibility of introducing the Newkantian dualism between values and facts into system functionalism. This value-theoretical barrier separates his approach from that of Luhmann's.
Habermas IV 341
Parsons distinguishes between the two tasks of preserving the integrity of the action system inwards and outwards: he treats the corresponding basic functions under the keywords "allocation" and "integration". (3) (See also Terminology/Parsons, Environment/Parsons).
Habermas IV 352
Action/Luhmann: "The plot is a system due to its internal analytical structure". (4)

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